Matt Crowley, Owner

Matt Crowley, Owner

What's Our Story?

Over the last six years, GoldBurgers has evolved from a quick-serve, fresh-ground burger, fresh-cut fries and good ole’ hot dog joint into a “craft” burger/dog/fry destination. "Craft" is your word not ours, but I guess it fits. ("Craft" to me is 90% sweat equity and 10% art.) It was my intention to get the doors open and work on the burger/dog/fry fundamentals while sticking to a simple culinary equation: fresh ingredients + sound technique = great food. There is no reason why fast food can’t be fresh and interesting. Back in 2009, it was a tough time to open a restaurant (is there ever an easy time?), but a great moment to get into the burger game. The beginning was slow, but we had a core group of great customers who appreciated what we were striving for. If it weren’t for our grass-roots following, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Your business (you all know who you are!) gave us the opportunity to hone our “Craft” and express who we are through our Specials Board. 

We are so much more than burgers and fries. Some would say, we ARE our Specials Board. Our specials attract the foodie, the industry guy/girl, the ingredient-conscious and the adventurous. In the beginning, the board was a way for me to stay sane serving only burgers and fries, day in and day out. I love food. I went to school for it. I love working with it as a medium. Feeding people is a privilege that I am grateful for.  

What is GoldBurgers Today?

Bacon, Egg & Cheeseburger. 

Our hand-crafted, made-to-order hamburger and sausage patties are proprietary blends that are ground daily for us at Bogner Quality Meats in Manchester, CT. Our chicken patties are a blend of antibiotic and hormone-free thigh and breast meat from locally-owned Stew Leonard’sOver the past two years, we have been offering a CT Pasture Burger on our Specials Board where we showcase locally raised, grass-fed beef paired with local ingredients. Our eggs are always local. Our Veggie Burger is house-made from scratch.

Our produce is just as important to us as our meat, and carefully handled by our staff. We have very limited refrigerator space, so rest assured, it’s fresh. During the New England growing season, we work closely with area farms for the bulk of our produce. If you get a burger in the summer, chances are the pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and more have been grown locally.

After trying to outsource bread-baking to local establishments, we found the rolls from Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe to be the best for our burgers. When our resources and time allow it, we offer house-baked bread varieties which we feature on the Specials Board.

Every morning, our French fries are hand-cut, blanched, then fried to order. We also offer sweet potato fries, waffle fries and onion rings that we source from a local food distributor.

A lot is said about the food at GoldBurgers, but more should be said about our friendly and informative staff. We are often lumped in with fast food establishments, but we like to think of ourselves as more quick/casual. We want you to love your experience with us as much as we love cooking for you! So ask questions; tell us a joke; show us a bit about yourself and we can recommend a burger for you!

Thanks for stopping by,

Matt Crowley
Owner/Chef, GoldBurgers