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Many burgers ago, in a potato field far, far away…

a passionate and cosmic restaurant owner named Matt Crowley was adventuring across the galaxy, and decided that he needed to create the best burger joint in the universe. After some very close-calls and intense laser-blaster battles, with Matt’s perilous exploits taking him to spicy and far-flung worlds filled with tastes that he couldn’t believe, he knew he had to put it all together for something truly out of this world. So, after consulting with a great number of alien species from across the Milky Way and defeating the massive and surly beasts of Ogun, Matt crash landed in the small town of Newington, Connecticut, which at first resembled the second moon of the planet Zardoth. He made haste, found a comfortable spot, and started to mix-it up in his kitchen on Main Street, creating wild and crazy creations like his signature Mac & Cheese Squares, a unique spin on the classic Poutine side-dish, and desserts that send you into upper orbit. Yes, occasionally a four-headed Xylobeast will escape from the hostile jungle-planet of Temeculese, and Matt will be called upon as the ultimate savior for all of mankind. But until then, he’ll be putting his otherworldly knowledge and passion for food to the test, and it’s safe to say that the culinary world will never be the same.

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